Nancy gets a kick out of marketing brands she knows little about. A few years back, she carried on about the necessity of purchasing titanium wheel rims for luxury automobiles at the same time she was chiseling Cheerios out of her 13-year-old Volvo. She has written about $3,000 outdoor grills (she has an old Weber), Mediterranean cruises (never been on one) and the intricacies of offset printing (as opposed to onset?).

This isn’t to say that Nancy is clueless about everything she pens. She knows quite a bit about the UC system having graduated from it, and she loves good, wholesome food as much as the next chicken-raising urbanite.

As you browse through her work, you’ll find all manner of projects. Don’t see an example of what you need? Not to worry. It’s possible she’s written something along those lines but didn’t think to include it. (Distilling a career is a tricky business.) Then again, it’s also possible that she really hasn’t done whatever it is you’re looking for. Good news is there’s a first for everything.